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The office of AAA Family Law, at 283 Cranes Roost Blvd., Suite 111, Altamonte Springs, Florida 32701, is between 5 and 9 miles from anywhere in Winter Park.  Its founder, Eduardo J. Mejias graduated in 1997 with honors with the degree of Juris Doctor from the University of Florida. He has been practicing law since 1999 and practicing family law only, since 2011.

Divorce and family law attorney Mejias has represented clients in more than 200 divorce-related mediations and 50 trials.  His experience makes it possible for him to use all of the available aspects of the law to achieve the most favorable outcome he can obtain for his clients.

In addition to representing clients in divorces, attorney Mejias has helped protect the rights of his clients in court in cases that frequently follow after a divorce, such as in requests for modifications of the original divorce terms decreed by the court, disputes over the amount of alimony and the issues of child custody and child support. In Florida this last issue is resolved by an arrangement in which the child spends some time with each parent and the payment goes from the one that spends less time to the one that spends more in proportion to the net time spent, adjusted for other factors such are their relative income.

Attorney Mejias has also represented clients in cases not related to divorce, such as those dealing with (a) issues regarding the paternity of men and their rights and responsibilities once their paternity is confirmed, (b) claims of domestic violence, (c) child protection cases involving the Florida Department of Children and Families and (d) the enforcement of court decrees after they have been issued.

But our area of the law is not all about protecting rights in cases of disputes. It is also about protecting rights while preventing disputes. We do this by helping our clients draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that are designed to be enforceable.  These agreements are the best way to prevent future conflicts by making sure that both spouses understand and accept in advance the terms of their marriage. 

If you have a family law issue that requires representation from an attorney you can make an appointment with attorney Mejias for an initial consultation at (407) 260-6001. See Family Lawyer Retainer Fees.

During this initial consultation he will learn from you about your family law issue, outline an achievable legal objective to resolve them and inform you of the cost of the lawyer retainer fee for his services.  The fees are almost always a fixed dollar amount that you will know before signing any contract or making any payments.

Mr. Mejias has also made a commitment to keep his clients informed about their cases, as they require, by answering emails and phone calls within no more than 24 hours during working days. 

AAA Family Law represents our clients from the initial consultation through any mediation or trial, up to the Florida District Courts of Appeals and the Florida Supreme Court. For family law cases at the circuit court level we can represent you anywhere in the Orlando Metro area (Seminole, Orange, Osceola or Lake counties).  Our family law appeals attorney represents our clients in all of the Florida District Courts of Appeal. 

We encourage you to read the practice area page of this website that applies to your situation.  It will help you to prepare the questions that you should ask of any family attorney with whom you have an initial consultation.

Winter Park
A Beautiful and Charming City


The first settler of European ancestry in this area was David Mizell who purchased eight acres of land around lakes Virginia, Mizell and Bery in 1858. A small village grew in this area and acquired a post office named Oceola in 1870.

The start of what we now call Winter Park was in 1881 when Lorin Chase and Oliver Chapman purchase 600 acres to build a town designed to attract northern tourists in the winter.  By 1882 the town had a railroad depot and a hotel, and the rest of the town's construction was under way.  By 1887 other hotels had been built and it was chartered as a city.  Of course, the city was given its name to help attract those northern tourists during the winter.

The largest hotel of this period was the Seminole, built in 1886.  This was a luxury hotel with an orchestra, a bowling alley and a dining room.  It burned down in 1902, but was rebuilt in 1913.  Winter Park succeeded as a tourist destination and was visited by by three presidents during its first forty years.  But it had other industries besides tourism. It was also the home of the first four-year college in Florida, Rollins College which opened in 1885, and it was surrounded by citrus groves until the freezes of 1885, 1886 and 1899 forced the growers to move south.

During the three census years ending in 2010 the population of this city grew at the decade rates of 1.3%, 6.5% and 15.6%.  While this growth is accelerating, it is much lower than that of all of Orange county which was 43.8%, 32.3% and 27.8%.  This results from the fact that the 8.7 square miles of land area of this city are already almost all built and it is surrounded by other populated cities, while the county still contains undeveloped areas that are being built-up. By 2013 the city's population had grown to 29,203, a three-year 4.8% increase from the 27,862 of 2010.

Winter Park Today

A drive through this city on Google Street View reveals a very new, yet charming city.  Its downtown area in and around Park Avenue has the look of a small town shopping area, but one that is exceptionally well maintained and with adequate parking areas around it.  Almost all of the city is well covered with trees, as can be seen from the predominance of the color green when the city is observed from the satellite view.

Almost all of the residential areas have beautiful homes. This is a city with estimated house and condominium median property values in 2012 of $279,939, compared to $148,200 for all of of Florida. And the average price of all types of housing units in 2011 was  $543,067.