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By way of East Colonial Drive and I-4, our office in Altamonte Springs is about 30 miles from the center of Winter Garden and 9 miles from the center or Orlando.  This law firm was founded by Eduardo J. Mejias in February of 2013.

Attorney Mejias received the degree of Juris Doctor, with honors, from the University of Florida in 1997 and passed the Florida Bar examination on the first attempt in January of 1999.  He first practiced  general civil law, and since 2011 devoted his law career almost entirely to family law and divorce.  He moved to the Orlando metro area in 2011 after practicing law in Jacksonville and Ft. Myers.

He has the experience as a family law and divorce attorney that comes from having represented clients in over 50 trials and in hundreds of cases resolved by mediation.  This is the level of experience that makes it possible to understand the nuances of the law and its judicial interpretations.  And this understanding leads to a quality of representation that assures that his clients right are protected to the full extent allowed by law.

Our firm represents clients in: (a) divorce cases, whether settled by mediation or a court ruling, (b) cases usually following a divorce, such as enforcement or modification of court decrees regarding spousal support (alimony), child support and child custody

We can also represent you in cases of  (a) domestic violence, (b) disputes over paternity and its rights and responsibilities and (c) those involving the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF).

And we can assist you in (a) child adoptions by family members, (b) creating enforceable prenuptial agreements and (c) name changes.

We cover the courtrooms of the counties in the Orlando metropolitan area: Seminole, Oceola, Orange, Volusia and Lake.

We urge you to read the Practice Area page or pages of this website that apply to your situation.  This will help you decide what next steps to take and prepare the questions you should be asking of any family lawyer with whom you have an initial consultation. 

One of the most important things that attorney Mejias has learned from experience is the importance of keeping his clients informed about their cases.  That is why he has made a public commitment on this website to return all phone calls and emails within twenty-four hours during business hours.

If you are involved or may become involved in one of the cases listed above and need an experienced family lawyer, please call AAA Family Law at (407) 260-6001 to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation with family law attorney Eduardo J. Mejias. . See Family Lawyer Retainer Fees.

At the initial consultation, attorney. Mejias will listen to your case or potential case and ask you some questions.  He will follow that with a road map of the actions he will take to resolve your cases in the most favorable manner possible by law.  Lastly he will quote you his retainer fees for his service, which in almost every case will be a flat or fixed amount not dependent on the number of hours worked.  You will know your total costs before paying or signing a contract for legal services. 

Winter Garden

The Charming Little City With a Juicy Past


Just before the 1850's the area where this city now stands was very sparsely populated.  Neither the Spaniards nor the English that once ruled Florida ever created a settlement just south of Lake Apopka.  The Seminoles were primarily at the north end of the lake and gave it its name, which means “potato eating place”.  But when the second Seminole War ended in 1842, Congress passed a law to grant 160 acres of land in Florida to citizens who lived it for at least five years. As a result, the settlement of this area started in the eighteen fifties.

After the civil war the main economic activities of the Winter Garden area were citrus groves, vegetable farms, cattle ranches and the storage and transportation to market of these products.  In 1868 the area suffered the first of several freezes that destroyed the citrus crops.  But citrus groves came back to be destroyed again in 1894-1895, then rebuilt and be destroyed by another freeze in 1983.

In 1886 the Orange Belt Railway connected this area bringing more settlers and in 1893 farmers built a train depot and named it Winter Garden. This was the name taken by the town incorporated in 1908 in that area south of Lake Apopka. By the nineteen twenties the area started attracting tourists, particularly those who came to fish in Lake Apopka.  This lead to the construction of the Edgewater hotel in 1927, specifically designed for the fishing tourists.  And in the nineteen thirties a trailer park was built at the edge of the lake and it is still there.  It may be the only trailer park with a lake view.

Of course, like other cities in Orange county, the city also grew and prospered as a result of the opening of Disney World in 1971 and the many other theme parks that followed. The Citrus industry continued to be a big part of this city from the nineteen twenties to the freeze of 1983.  This is the reason for the “juicy past” in the city motto on the subtitle above and on its city government website. 

Today's City

The “charming” part of the city motto comes from its small-town downtown commercial center on Plant Street between Dillard Street on the east and Lake Avenue on the west.  This is a real small town downtown area that grew up with the city, near its center, not a planned shopping center that imitates one. It has a movie theater, the usual variety of small shops and restaurants and its streets are covered with cobblestone. Its buildings are beautifully well-maintained at its streets have gardens and fountains.

There is also a major modern suburban shopping center called The Grove on highway 429 and Daniels Road.  It includes several national retailers, such as Target, Marshals, Ross, Best Buys, Lows and PetSmar, with a large parking lot in the front.  And it also has a section designed to appear like a traditional small town shopping center, including the cobblestone streets.  This city also has two other smaller suburban-style shopping centers on the corner of Steve's road and highway 27.  Its population as of 2013 is estimated at 37,711.

This city's most important employment center is a large industrial and warehouse complex west of highway 429 which extends to the neighboring city of Ocoee on the east side of that highway.  It also has several other smaller districts dedicated to warehouses and dealers of industrial or agricultural machinery and equipment.  Before the freeze of 1983, Winter Garden was the center on agricultural equipment for the citrus industry and, apparently, it still is a center for more general agricultural and industrial equipment storage and distribution.  The type of employer that this city does not have is a major business office complex like the one in Maitland, Florida.