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Our law firm's office is located near the southwest corner of Seminole County at 283 Cranes Roost Blvd., Suite 111, Altamonte Springs, Florida 32701. This is within no more than 13 miles of anywhere in the county. However, AAA Family Law also represents clients in Orange, Volusia, Lake and Oceola counties.  And some of its clients live in other parts of Florida, other states and even other countries, but are involved in family law cases with jurisdiction in the counties of the Orlando metro area.

At AAA Family Law you will find attorney Eduardo J. Mejias who graduated with honors from the University of Florida with the degree of Juris Doctor in 1997.  He first practiced law in 1999, and since 2005, almost exclusively family law.  

Attorney Mejias has represented clients in more than 50 cases settled by trial and 200 settled by mediation.  These cases have involved:  (1) divorce and (2) the settlement of disputes that arise after the divorce regarding (a) alimony (or spousal support), (b) child support payments and (c) the child custody time that the parent spend with their children and (d) modifications of the decrees that set the terms of the divorce.

Since 2005 he has also worked on numerous cases where: (a) the paternity of a man and his child custody or support responsibilities are disputed, or (b) a court injunctions is sought to prevent alleged domestic violence or (c) the post-judgment enforcement of a decree by the court is needed.

Our firm also helps its clients pursue objectives that are not related to settling disputes.  We help clients draft enforceable prenuptial agreements and complete the legal process of adopting a child by a family member. 
This much experience meas that family lawyer Mejias will be able to use all of the available aspects of laws and precedents to achieve the most favorable outcome you could obtain.

Mr. Mejias is also very conscious of the importance of keeping you as informed about your case as you require. This is why he has made the commitment to return your phone calls or emails within 24 hours during the hours of each working day.

Our firm also provides all of its prospective clients an initial consultation.  

During this consultation attorney Mejias will learn about your family situation, outline a realistic plan to achieve your legal objectives and quote you a retainer fee for his services. Almost all of our clients are charged a fixed retainer fee, not an hourly rate.  Therefore, you know what the total lawyer fees for the case will be before signing a contract or making a payment.  See Family Lawyer Retainer Fees.

AAA Family Law represents clients from the initial consultation through mediation or circuit court trial, up to the Florida District Courts of Appeals and the Florida Supreme Court. At the circuit courts we can represent you in the Orlando metro area (Lake, Seminole, Orange,  or Osceola counties). Our appeals attorney covers all of the Florida District Courts of Appeal.

We encourage you to read the Practice Area page that applies to you. This will help you make some decisions regarding what steps to take next.  It will also help you prepare for any initial consultation you may have with a family attorney, particularly regarding what questions to ask.

Seminole County

The Place For Recreation In Nature


Seminole County was created by the Florida Legislature in 1913 from the northeastern portion of Orange county. It contains the cities of Sanford (the county seat, where the courthouse is located), Altamonte Springs, Oviedo, Winter Springs, Casselbery, Lake Mary and Longwood, as well as several census-designated places and unincorporated communities.

This county has an area of 345 square miles and had an estimated population of 436,031 as of 2013. In 1820 it had a population of 10,989 which grew to 83,986 by 1970.  Although it is not as close to Disney World as Orange, Lake or Oceola counties, its population also exploded after this famous theme park was opened in 1971. Between 1970 and 1980 it more than doubled at a growth rate of 114.8% to 287,529.  But its growth rate slowed down during the next three decades to 60.0%, 27.0% and 15.8% 


Seminole county is governed by a Board of County Commissioners with five members, each representing one of five different districts and elected for four-year terms in a staggered arrangement.  A rather unusual part of this electoral system is that each commissioner is elected by the voters of the whole county even though they each represent a different district.  (See first paragraph of this link:  The only requirement that makes commissioners representatives of the district is that they must live in it.

The Board of Commissioners has the legislative powers and appoints a County Manager as the administrator or executive.  It also adopts the county budget, sets tax rates and passes county ordinances. The voters can also take the initiative to place county ordinances on the ballot if 5% sign a petition in at least three of the five districts.


Seminole county is not where the famous theme parks in this area are located, but it is close enough to drive to them for the day if you live there or stay at a hotel.  And this county does have numerous opportunities for fishing, boating walking or cycling through nature trails, touring farms and visiting parks and wilderness areas.  This links contains all the information you need to find these activities: