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As the county seat of Seminole county, it is the location of its courthouse. A picture of this courthouse, a map of its location and driving directions to it can be seen on the Courthouse Maps page of this website.  This is one of the four courthouses where attorney Eduardo J. Mejias of AAA Family Law has represented numerous clients.  Attorney Mejias graduated with honors from the University of Florida School of Law in 1997 and has been practicing almost exclusively family law since 2005.

If you need representation in a family law case, call  family attorney Mejias at (407) 260-6001 to make an appointment for an initial consultation. See Family Lawyer Retainer Fees.

Attorney Mejias has extensive experience at representing clients in the following types of situations:

  • Divorces that are settled by mediation or in court
  • Cases that arise after a divorce, such as conflicts over the amount of child support or alimony (spousal support) to be paid, the amount of time shared by each ex-spouse of the custody of their children or requests for modification of the divorce decree.
  • Domestic violence injunctions that can be applied for in court by one of the members of a household.
  • Legal disputes over a man's paternity of a child and his support responsibilities as well as his child custody rights and modification the courts decrees in these cases.
  • Post-judgment enforcement of the court's decrees.
  • The drafting of prenuptial agreements that are legally enforceable.
  • Assisting with the legal adoptions process of children by family members.

At the initial consultation attorney Mejias will: (1) listen to your personal situation, (2) answer any questions you may have and (3) outline a strategy to achieve your legal objectives.  His extensive training and experience allows him to see legal options and strategies that others may not realize are available.  He will also let you know the full amount of his attorney retainer fees before you sign a contract or pay.  In the great majority of cases, Mr. Mejias does not charge an hourly fee that can make your costs unpredictable, but a fixed or flat amount.  See the page Retainer Fees for more information.

After you contract our law firm, Mr Mejias will make sure that you are kept as informed about the progress of your case as you want to be.  He does this by having a policy of returning all phone calls and emails within 24 hours during working days.  

Before consulting with any lawyer about a family law case, it would be very helpful to prepare for what questions to ask by reading the page on the practice area related to your case and the Divorce Issues and Resources pages. 

Our law firm is only between 12 and 15 miles from anywhere in the city of Sanford by way of US highways I-4 or 92.  Some of our present and former clients live in Sanford.

Attorney Mejias represents clients in family law cases from the initial consultation through mediation or trial, up to the Florida District Courts of Appeals and the Florida Supreme Court.  At the trial courts he can represent you in the Greater Orlando area (Seminole, Orange,  Lake and Osceola counties). In appeal cases he covers all of the District Courts of Appeal in  Florida.


County Seat of Seminole County


This city is on the southern shore of Lake Monroe, about 17 miles north of Orlando and 13 miles north of the office of AAA Family Law in Altamonte Springs. This area had been inhabited by the Mayaca Indians until about 1760.  Deaths from wars and the old world plagues brought by the European settlers decimated this tribe.  They were replaced by Indians that fled Georgia that came to be known as the Seminoles.

The US army garrison Camp Monroe was built on the southern shore of Lake Monroe in 1835 and later renamed Ft. Mellon.  Around the fort grew up the town of Mellonville which was incorporated in 1842.  In 1845, when Florida became a state, Mellonville was made the county seat of Orange county, which at the time covered a much large are than it does today.

In 1870 Henry Clayton Sanford settled on purchased land West of Mellonville and developed it based on the orange grove farming around it.  A small town grew up in that area, incorporating as Sanford in 1877 and absorbing Melloville in 1883.  When Seminole country was carved out of Orange county in 1913, Sanford became its county seat.

Through the late nineteenth century this city prospered as a place where oranges were shipped from its port on Lake Monroe.  It also became connected by railroad in 1884.  In 1887 a fire destroyed the wooden houses of the East side of the town and they were later rebuilt with brick.  The freeze of 1894-95 destroyed the citrus industry on which the city depended. But citrus groves were later replaced with vegetable farms and this city became the largest vegetable shipping center in the U.S. during the early 20th century.

The next important transforming moment for the city of Sanford was the establishment of a naval air station in 1942.  It employed between 2,000 and 4,000 men and women until it was closed in 1968.  Of course the closure caused a temporary economic decline in the area.  But the U.S. Government deeded the airport to the city and it was converted to civilian use.  It grew from a general aviation airport in 1969 to one providing scheduled and chartered commercial passenger flights in 1995. 


As of 2013 this city's population is estimated to have be 56,000 in an area of 26.5 square miles for a population density of 2,213 people per square mile.  Its population has grown by 4.5% since 2010.