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Our office in Altamonte Springs is no more than thirteen miles from any location in Pine Hills.  Please see the Contact Us page for the address and a map.

Our firm was founded by attorney Eduardo J. Mejias in February of 2013. Mr. Mejias has been concentrating his law practice on family law since the year 2011. He received his degree in Juris Doctor from the University of Florida School of Law in 1999, passed the Florida Bar examination on the first try and started practicing law in January of 1999.  Then he practiced law as associate attorney in several Florida law firms.  He as been a resident of the Orlando metro area since 2011.     

Attorney Mejias has represented clients in court in over fifty divorce cases and in hundreds of non-judicial mediation meetings.  He has also represented clients in cases related to conflicts occurring after a divorce, such as those involving child support and time-sharing of the children, or alimony payments.   And he is just as experienced with cases not necessarily involving a divorce, such as domestic violence injunctions, actions of the Florida Department of Families and Children and paternity issues. In all of these cases he is also experienced at represent clients in their appeals.

The Practice Areas page has summaries of the types of family law cases in which attorney Mejias has extensive experience and links to their full text.  In each of those pages he explains the most important things you need to know about these cases.  If you need representation from a family lawyer, reading the page that deals with your case will help you prepare the types of questions you should ask of any lawyer that you meet in an initial consultation.

The experience level of Attorney Mejias assures you that the law will protect your rights.  But a good lawyer has to be more than just knowledgeable of the law and skillful at at arguing cases in court.  He or she also has to maintain good channels of communication with clients. This is because family Law clients are usually involved in very emotional and stressful situations that naturally makes them anxious to learn of the progress of their cases.  This is why AAA Family Law has a policy of returning phone calls and emails during office hours within twenty-four hours.  And you will be connected to the lawyer, not just an assistant.

If you need a family law or divorce attorney to represent you, please call Eduardo J. Mejias at (407) 260-6001 to make an appointment for an initial consultation.  See Family Lawyer Retainer Fees.

At this consultation, attorney Mejias will listen to your explanation of the case, layout a set of realistic goals and a plan of legal action to achieve them, and quote you our law firm's retention fees.  In almost every case this fee is fixed (not hourly) and you will be informed of it before paying or signing a contract.               

Pine Hills


This city is an unincorporated census area of Orange county that started as two housing development subdivisions in 1953, north of Colonial Blvd.  It was then, and still is a residential suburb of the city of Orlando and other nearby cities.  Additional subdivisions were added north of the original two during the nineteen-sixties and nineteen-seventies.  During this time the US post office opened a branch in Pine Hills and, despite not having a city government, the area residents built a fire department.

During the nineteen-eighties and nineteen-nineties this city had an economic decline.  An indication of this decline was the conversion of the Pine Hills Shopping Center into a smaller Pine Hills Market Place, as it lost its most important retail store tenants.  As is typical of cases like this, the decline in rents and property values in this area made it possible for people of more limited means to buy and rent here.

The City Today

A view of this city on Google Satellite View and Street View reveals mostly a very typical suburban middle class residential neighborhood of mostly single-family homes.  There are no significant office buildings or major corporate employers located in the area.  Almost all of the employment within the area is done by retail stores, restaurants and other providers of local service, such as plumbers, dentists and law firms.

It is very likely that the majority of its residents find their employment in Orlando, in one of the major theme parks like Disney World, or in office parks, such as the one in nearby Maitland at the intersection of Highway 90 and Maitland Blvd.  One of these employment centers is a large commercial area just east of this city containing transportation and storage facilities, suppliers of products and services to business and warehouses.

The main retail shopping area of this city is the Pine Hills Market Place on West Colonial Drive near Governors Avenue.  Around this shopping center there are also other shops, restaurants and consumer service places.  As in so many other Central Florida suburban cities and areas, this commercial center is located at the perimeter of the area, not its center, in this case on its south.

As of the 2100 census the population of this city was 60,076, and increase of 43.8 % from 2000. This a much higher growth rate than that of Orange county, indicative of a recovery from the economic decline of the nineties.  It is estimated that per-capita income in this city was $13,257 in 2000 and $14,670 in 2012, and on that same year the average price of all housing units was $129,135.