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Our law firm is located in Altamonte Springs.  It is only 9 to 15 miles from anywhere in Oviedo, which is one of the many cities in the Orlando metro area where some of its clients live.  It was founded by attorney Eduardo J. Mejias.  Mr. Mejias graduated with honors from the University of Florida School of Law in 1997.  He started practicing law in 1999 after passing the Florida Bar examination on the first try.  Since 2011 he has been practicing almost exclusively family law.

As a divorce attorney, Mr. Mejas has been involved in hundreds of divorce cases settled by mediation and over fifty cases settled by trials.  In the Orlando metro area he has represented clients in the courtrooms of all of the judges in Orange and Seminole counties and some of the judges in Volusia, Oceola, Brevard and Lake counties. 

In addition, Mr. Mejias has extensive experience in the following types of situations requiring a family lawyer:

  • Those that occur after a divorce that (a) typically start with a dispute over child custody, child support  or alimony that can only be resolved in a court of law, (b) require post-judgment enforcement of the court's decrees, or (c) involve a modification of the decree.
  • Disputes over a man's paternity of a child or over domestic violence.
  • Helping with the adoptions of a child by a relative and preparing prenuptial or post-nuptial  agreements.

The level of experience of attorney Mejias  in family law gives him an insight into the law and judicial precedents that helps him provide his clients with the highest possible quality of representation.  This includes an ability to recognize which aspects of the law apply to your case in a way that helps protect your legal rights. 

Mr. Mejias has also made a commitment to keep his clients informed regarding their cases. Specifically, he has a policy to answer all phone calls and emails during his office hours within a 24- hours period.  This is in recognition of the fact that family law clients are going through a difficult time in their lives that makes them naturally anxious to know how their cases are progressing.

You can schedule an initial consultation with attorney Eduardo J. Mejias calling (407) 260-6001. 

At this consultation he will ask you questions about your case and listen closely to your explanations.  Then he will outline the legal actions he plans to take to help protect your legal rights. And, before you decide to sign a contract or pay, you will know the total amount of his attorney retainer fee.  This will be a fixed or flat fee in almost every case, not an hourly rate whose total cost you cannot predict. See Family Lawyer Retainer Fees.

At AAA Family Law we serve our clients from the initial consultation through any mediation or trial, up to the Florida District Courts of Appeals and the Florida Supreme Court. For family law cases at the trial court level we can represent you anywhere in the Orlando Metro area (Orange, Seminole, Osceola and Lake counties).  Our family law appeals lawyer can represent you in all of the District Courts of Appeal in  Florida.


A Nice Place To Visit and to Live


The first settlers or European and African descent to this area on the south shore of Lake Jesup came soon after the Civil War.  Previous to these settlements the area was occupied by the people of the Tumacan clan of the Seminole tribe.

On March 18, 1879 a Swedish immigrant named Andrew Aulin opened the first US Post office in this area.  As was the practice, he got to give it its name and he chose Oviedo after the city of that name in Asturias, Spain.  When, in 1925, the area around this post office was incorporated as a city, it also took that name.

The early settlers grew vegetables and citrus fruits that they sold in Orlando and Sanford, traveling there by steamship or boat.

Oviedo Today

As of 2012 this was a Seminole County city with a population estimated at 35,281, living in an area of 16 square miles.  It is a relatively young, well-to-do and educated population. It had an average household income of $77,131, compared to Florida's $45,040 and an average age of 35.3 years compared to Florida' 40.3. Ninety-eight percent of the population has a high-school degree and 44% are college graduates. And all of that with the added advantage of a cost of living 92.9% of the US average. Its average home price as of 2014 was $249,400. 

This is obviously not the type of city where one would expect chickens lose on the streets of its downtown area.  But it is.  If you don't believe it, check these link:  https://www.mycbfl.com/about-history-chickens.htm and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oviedo,_Florida.  In 1994 a chicken appeared in a parking lot and some people started feeding it.  Soon more of them and a rooster learned about the free food and showed also showed up.  Pretty soon the chickens started having baby chicks.

Now the chickens seem to be the town's best known celebrities, attracting urban visitors to the downtown area who have only seen chickens before on their dinner plates. They appear on coffee mugs, posters and T-shirts commemorating one of the city's festivals.  However, the town has not gone as far as naming its high school football team The Oviedo Chickens.

A drive around the downtown area of this city on Google Street View revealed no chickens other than on a restaurant sign.  But the chicken story is true and we can say that, in Oviedo, even the chickens have a good life.