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Our law firm's office is nine miles north of downtown Orlando at 283 Cranes Roost Blvd., Suite 111 Altamonte Springs.  It was founded by attorney Eduardo J. Mejias in February of 2013.

Mr. Mejias is an accomplished Florida family law and divorce attorney who has been practicing almost exclusively in this area of law since 2005 and in Central Florida since 2011.  He graduated with honors with the degree of Juris Doctor from the University of Florida in 1999.  He has had divorce and family law experience in over fifty trials and hundreds of divorce cases settled by mediation. This has given him a considerable insight into this complex area of the law and the way judges interpret it. And this makes it possible to assure his clients of the best possible quality of representation.                                  

As a committed and experienced family law and divorce attorney he is able to recognize the aspects of the law that best apply to your case and uses that knowledge to make sure that you receive all of the benefits of our justice system that are available.

In addition to his knowledge of this area of law and its judicial interpretations, attorney Mejias has a strong sense of the importance of keeping his clients informed about their cases.  This is why he is committed to respond to all emails and phone calls during working hours within twenty-four hours.  He knows from his experience that there is nothing more annoying to clients then to not be able to get answers and updates about their cases from their lawyer.

The legal services of our law firms fall into two general categories: 

Representation in court in cases of conflicts over legal rights between individuals over family or partner relationship issues. These are of two types:

  • Divorces and cases arising after the divorce judgment, including the enforcement of decrees by the courts in disputes over (a) the amount of child support and alimony (or spousal support) to be paid and (b) the amount of time that each parent spends with their children, (known as child custody) and modifications of the courts's decrees in divorce or paternity cases.
  • Other family and relationship disputes, such as accusations of domestic violence, disagreements over a man's paternity and his child support responsibilities and interventions in suspected child abuse or neglect cases by the Department of Children and Families (DCF).

Help in defining and establishing legal rights where, in most cases, there is no conflict to be settled in court. One example of this is help in  navigating the legal requirements for an adoption by family members. Another is helping couples to draft a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement.

If you need an attorney to represent you in a family law case, please call or email Eduardo J. Mejias to set up an initial consultation at (407) 260-6001 or edmejias@hotmail.com.  See Family Lawyer Retainer Fees.

At the consultation he will: (a) ask you to explain the part of your family problems that could involve a family law case, (b) outline a path to achieving the best and most realistic legally attainable objectives to resolve these problems and (c) quote you the amount of his lawyer retainer fee.  In almost all cases this will be a fixed amount that he will commit to before you sign a contract or make any payment.

AAA Family Law serves clients in family law cases from the initial consultation through mediation or trial, up to appeals to the Florida District Courts of Appeals and the Florida Supreme Court. For trial court cases we can represent you in the Orlando Metro area (Orange, Seminole, Osceola and Lake counties). In case of an  appeal we cover all of Florida District Courts.

We encourage you to read the practice area pages of this website that apply to your case.  This will help you prepare questions you should ask of any family attorney with whom you have an initial consultation. 


The World's Theme Park Capital


The early pioneers to this area came in the1830's and established cattle ranches. The area became known as Orlando in 1857.  By 1875 a town by that name was first incorporated in Orange county and it became a city in 1885.  Between 1875 and 1895 the city prospered as the center of the Florida citrus industry.  But the freeze of 1884-85 lead to the movement of citrus farms farther south.  Tourism drove its growth from the start of the 20th century to the late nineteen twenties.  But a series of hurricanes in the late twenties, followed by the Great Depression of the thirties ended a boom in tourism, construction and land speculation in this city just as it did in other parts of Florida. 

During World War II an Air Force base and a plant of the defense contractor Martin Marietta were established in this area. The Air Force base became an International Airport in 1975. 

Orlando Today

The city had a population of 238,300 people during the census year of 2010.  This represents an annual growth rate of 2.82% from the population of 185,951 it had in the year 2000.  This compares with a 0.97% increase for the whole Unites States during the same period.  By 2013 its population is estimated at 255,483, an annual growth rate of 2.32% since the census of 2000.  During the period of 2006 to 2010 the city had a per-capita income of $21,216, compared to $25,490 for all of Orange county.

The opening of Disney World in 1971 accelerated the growth of Orlando. It turned the city and the whole metropolitan area around it (Orange, Seminole Oceola and Lake counties) into one of the worlds greatest tourism centers. And it was not just Disney World that did this. It seems that wherever tourist are attracted more tourist attractions crop up. After Disney World came Sea World, Universal Studios, Island Of Adventure and other theme parks.

But Orlando is more than just fun and games.  The metro area (not just the city) is also a center of education and high technology.  It is home to the second largest university in the United ,  the University of Central Florida, to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and to several other institutions of higher learning. And it contains the Central Florida Research Park which is the seventh largest in the United States. Lockheed Martin has a center for research and manufacturing for missile systems. Other corporations with research labs and offices in this area are Veritas/Symantec, Harris, General Dynamics, Mitsubishi and Siemens.