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Although AAA Family Law is in Seminole county, one third of its clients live in Orange county.  AAA Family Law represents its clients in the courtrooms of all the counties of the Orlando metro area: Orange, Seminole, Oceola and Lake and also in Volusia.  For someone with a family law issue to resolve, a drive to AAA Family Law in Altamonte Springs from anywhere in the greater Orlando metro area or Volusia county is well worth it.

If you have a divorce or family law issue, at AAA Family Law you can schedule an initial consultation with family law attorney Eduardo J. Mejias by calling (407) 260-6001.

Attorney Mejias graduated with honors from the University of Florida with the degree of Juris Doctor. He has been practicing law since 1999 and almost exclusively family law since 2011.  See Family Lawyer Retainer Fees.

He has extensive experience in adoption, alimony, child custody, child support divorce, domestic violence injunctions, enforcement of family law court decrees, divorce by mediation or in court, military family issues, modifications of the original terms of the divorce, name changes, paternity disputes, prenuptial agreements and state child protection issues.

Orange county family law and divorce attorney Mejias has represented clients in over 50 trials and 200 divorce mediations.   His training and experience makes it possible for him to use all of the available aspects of laws to achieve the most favorable outcome he could obtain for you.

During the initial consultation he will listen to your explanation of your family situation, outline a workable plan to resolve your legal issues and inform you of the amount of the retainer fee for his services.  The fees are almost always a fixed amount, not based on hourly rates.

Mr. Mejias will also keep you as informed about your case as you require by answering your emails and phone calls within 24 hours during work hours.

At AAA Family Law we represent our clients from initial consultation through mediation and trial, up to the Florida District Courts of Appeals. For family law cases at the trial court level we can represent you anywhere in the Orlando Metro area.  As a family law appeals lawyer, attorney Mejias can represent you in all of the District Courts of Appeal in  Florida.  

Orange County, Florida

From Oranges to Theme Parks


When Florida's status changed from a territory to a state of the United States in 1845, Mosquito county encompassed six of today's Florida counties: Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Brevard, Volusia and Lake counties. By that time orange groves were already one of its principal industries and, lets face it, the name “Mosquito county” is not very conducive to attracting workers or tourists. So, a few months after gaining statehood the name Mosquito county was changed to Orange county. The breakup of the 1845 Orange county into six counties occurred later, over several decades.
Orange County, Florida
The orange groves suffered severe losses during the freeze of 1899, convincing growers to move farther south.  Orange groves came back gradually, peaking in the nineteen seventies.  But in the early nineteen eighties and particularly in 1985 sever frosts destroyed most of the orange groves in the county again.  The increase in urban population largely due to the creation of Disney World has also made the land too expensive for growing oranges, giving this industry its final blow.  Oranges and other citrus fruits are now grown in Florida south of Orange county.

Cities, Towns and Other Populated Areas

The county is home to the following nine cities and towns:

Bay Lake
Belle Isle
Lake Buena Vista
Winter Garden
Winter Park


There are also 44 populated and named unincorporated areas.

Educational Institutions 

The public K-12 school system is called Orange County Public Schools, and it is lead by an elected board.  It runs 182 elementary, middle and high schools.  There is one state university, the Univeristy of Central Florida, which is the second largest in the United States.  Other institutions of higher learning in Orange county are Valencia Community College, the private Rollins College and the law schools of Barry University and Florid A&M.

Between the 1960 and 2010 census the population of Orange County has grown from 263,540 to 1,145,956.  It is estimated that it has grown by another 6.9% to 1,225,267 by 2013.

Main Tourist Attractions

Since the opening of Disney World in the southwest corner or Orange county in October of 1971, this county and the Orlando Metropolitan area have become one of the Words most important tourist destinations.  To the original Magic Kingdom Disney added Hollywood Studios, Blizzard Beach, Epcot and Animal Kingdom.  Other theme park developers have added places like Islands of Adventure, Wet and Wild Orlando, SeaWorld, Universal Orlando and Gatorland.