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AAA Family Law

AAA Family Law is only eighteen to twenty miles away from anywhere in Ocoee. It is located on 283 Cranes Roost Blvd., just West of the Altamonte Mall in Altamonte Springs.  (See Contact Us for a map and more details.)

This is a law firm that represents its clients only in family law cases, such as divorce, and enforcement or modifications of divorce decrees involving alimony, child support and or child custody. These cases usually involve litigation between spouses or former spouses. But it can also help you in situations that may not involve litigation, such as drafting enforceable prenuptial agreements, adoptions by family members and name changes. In all these cases AAA Family Law can also represent you in appeals. Please see the complete list of practice areas on the left of this page or click on Practice Areas where you can read a summary of each or link to their compete text.

AAA Family Law was founded by Eduardo J. Mejias in February of 2013. Attorney Mejias earned the degree of Juris Doctor, with honors, from the University of Florida School of Law in 1997.   After passing the Florida bar exam on his first try, he began his law career in Jacksonville, Florida in January of 1999 and later moved to the Ft. Myers area.  Until 2005 he practiced mainly general civil law.  But on that year he decided to concentrate on Family Law.  And in 2011 he moved to the Orlando metro area.

Since he became a divorce attorney or family lawyer, Mr. Mejas has represented clients in hundreds of divorce cases that were settled through mediation and in over fifty cases settled in the courtroom.  He has represented clients in front of all of the family law judges in Orange and Seminole counties and some of the judges in Volusia, Oceola, Brevard and Lake counties.  His experience in family law translates into a high level of understanding of the law and judicial precedents. This makes it possible for him to assure his clients of the best possible protection of their legal rights.

One other thing that attorney Mejias has learned from experience is the importance of maintaining good lines of communication with his family law clients.  Most are going through a difficult period in their lives and are anxious (a) to learn what can be done to solve their family legal problems and (b) to be kept informed on the latest developments in their cases.  This is why it is the policy of AAA Family Law to return all phone calls and emails during business hours within a period of twenty-four hours.

If you find yourself in a situation that requires the expertise of an experienced divorce and family law attorney, please call attorney Eduardo J. Mejias of AAA Family Law at (407) 260-6001 to make an appointment for an initial consultation.  See Family Lawyer Retainer Fees.

At the consultation he will listen to your description of the situation that you find yourself in and outline a realistic plan for achieving your legal objectives. He will then quote you the attorney retainer fee that applies to your case. In almost all cases the attorney fees at AAA Family Law are for a fixed amount of which you will be informed before you decide to make any payment or sign a contract.

Please read the Practice Area page that applies to your case. This will help you to (a) start understanding what you can expect and (b) prepare you for the questions you need to ask of any lawyer that you consult with.


The Passion Flower


The first people of European and African ancestry to settle in Ocoee were a group of slaves and their master, Dr. J. D. Starke.  In the eighteen-fifties they established a camp in an area on the north side of Starke Lake to escape another area where malaria was common.  Over time, this camp became a small village.  After the Civil war a former captain of the Confederacy named Bluford M. Sims purchased some land from Dr. Starke and establish a nursery for citrus crops.

In 1886 Mr. Sims platted his property and named the subdivision Ocoee after a the name of a river in Tennessee.  Ocoee is the Cherokee Indian name for what we now call the passion flower.

With the arrival of railroads and some dirt roads in the eighteen-eighties more people moved into this area, mostly to grow citrus fruits and winter vegetables.  Ocoee was incorporated as a town in 1923 and a city in 1925.  But it remained a small for a long time due to a lack of good road connections.  By 1960 it had a population of only about 2,500.

However, after the construction of state road 50 in 1959, Ocoee's growth took off. This highway running though the south part of the city gave it a direct link to the more populous city of Orlando. And in 1964 the Florida Turnpike was completed through the western part of Ocoee.  These and other new roads and the opening of Disney World nearby lead to extensive residential development in the city.  Its population grew from 2,500 in 1960 to 39,172 in 2013. That is an annual growth rate of 5.20%, one of the highest in the Orlando metro area.

Ocoee Today

Just like other cities in the Orlando metro area that had the great majority of their growth well after the start of the automobile age, such as Kissimmi and Deltona, Ocoee is overwhelmingly suburban. Almost all of it is made up of single-family homes in planned neighborhoods.  And there is no identifiable down-town area with stores and office buildings. The nearest thing to a center of the city is the West Oaks Mall on West Colonial Drive (state road 50) and South Clarke Road, flanked by a group of smaller shopping centers to its west and a Walmart to its east.    
But Ocoee does have a significant industrial park area on the northeast corner of the intersection of the Florida Turnpike with Colonial Drive.  A very large portion of that space is taken up by huge used car lot.  And to its north one can see area of warehouses and industrial supplies and equipment businesses.