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No place in Maitland is farther than six miles from the office of AAA Family Law at 283 Cranes Roost Blvd., Suite 111, Altamonte Springs.

 At this office, Orlando family law and divorce attorney Eduardo J. Mejias can represent you in cases involving: (a) mediated or court-settled divorces,(b) post-divorce cases, such as enforcement or modification of family court decrees involving child custody arrangements or the amounts of child support and alimony (or spousal support),  He also represents clients in cases of paternity disputes, domestic violence and those involving the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) and can help you with child adoptions by family members and name changes..

Please read the Practice Areas page for a complete list of the cases where attorney Mejias has extensive experience.  Then click on the page that applies to your case.  This will inform you about the law and practices in these cases and help you prepare the types of question that you should ask any family lawyer with whom you have an initial consultation. Additional information of this type can also be found in our blogs section.

Attorney Mejias practices family law in the courtrooms of all of the counties of the greater Orlando metropolitan area:  Orange, Seminole, Oceola, Lake and Volusia.

Mr. Mejias graduated with honor from the University of Florida School of Law in 1997.  After passing the Florida Bar examination on the first try he began practicing law in January of 1999.  And starting in 2011 he concentrated almost exclusively on family law and divorce.  In 2011 he moved to the Orlando metro area and in February of 2013 founded AAA Family Law.

During his career as a family lawyer, attorney Mejias has represented clients in hundreds of cases that were settled through mediation and in more than fifty trials.  Because of this extensive experience he is able to effectively find and apply in court the aspects of the law that best protect your rights.  Family and divorce laws have many nuances that only an attorney who has experienced them can understand and use this knowledge to provide you with the quality of representation you expect.

One thing that attorney Mejias learned from his experience is that clients like to be kept informed about the progress of their cases.  This is why he has a publicly-stated policy to answer all client phone calls during business hours within twenty-four hours.  You will not be left in the dark about your case.

To schedule an initial consultation with attorney Eduardo J. Mejias, please call (407)  260-6001.  See Family Lawyer Retainer Fees

During the consultation you will be able to explain to him the issues on which you need help from a family law attorney.  He will then layout a realistic plan for how to approach the best achievable solution to your problems through the legal system.  And he will quote you what is almost always a fixed retainer fee that you will know before making any payments or signing any contract.


 The City That Punches Above Its Weight


At the time when the Seminole Indians lived in the area now occupied by Maitland, they had named it Fumcheliga, which means “musk melon place”.  The city of Maitland grew up around Fort Maitland, which was built during the Second Seminole war, in 1838, at the west end of Lake Maitland.  The lake is on the southeast corner of the city.

After the Seminole wars ended and the fort was dismantled, the principal feature attracting people to this area was its natural spring water and its forest.  Just like in most of Central Florida, after the Civil War, settlers came primarily to establish orange groves.  By 1873 the tourist industry started developing with a hotel named the Park House that was host to many celebrities of the late nineteenth century, including two Presidents of the Unite States.

By 1885 the area was incorporated as the town of Maitland Lake.  And by 1886 a railroad was built from Maitland to Jacksonville, Florida to transport the citrus fruits being produced and packaged there. The freeze years of 1994 and 1895 destroyed the citrus crop, but the this industry came back in the nineteen-twenties.  Starting in the nineteen-fifties nearby defense contractors drove the growth of the Maitland and starting in the seventies, it was driven by the creation of Disney World and the many other theme parks that followed it. 

Maitland Today

As of the census of 2010 Maitland had a relatively small population of 15,751 with a median age of 40, in an area of 6.4 square miles, 5.3 of which were land.  The median annual household income was $62,500 and the per-capita income was $37,290.

Unlike some bedroom community cities in Central Florida, Maitland is more than a residential suburb. It has a major office park area just west of I-4 on both sides of Maitland Blvd. towards the western side of the city. This is a center of employment that is much more extensive than that of many larger cities in the Orlando Metro area.  Its principal area for retail stores and restaurants is centered on highway US-17 and Horatio Avenue, just east of the city center.

Maitland is part of an uninterrupted urban and suburban area that includes the neighboring cities of Altamonte Springs, Eatoville, Orlando, Winter Park and Forest City around its immediate area, and several more cities adjacent to these.  Given that Maitland itself is relatively small, the complex of office buildings on Maitland Blvd. and I-4 really draws many of its employees from a this broader area around this city.  Therefore, when it comes to the location of businesses, Maitland punches above its weight.