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Just a skip and a hop southwest of Longwood is Atltamonte Springs, the home of AAA Family Law. All areas of Longwood are between six and ten miles from our office at 283 Cranes Roost Blvd., Suite 111 (Click on Contact Us to see this location on a map.)  This law firm is exclusively dedicated to representing clients in family law cases in the Orlando metro area, specifically in the courtrooms of Orange, Seminole, Oceola, Lake and Volusia counties.

Experience and Practice Areas

The firm was founded by family and divorce attorney Eduardo J. Mejias in February of 2013.  Attorney Mejias has been a family and divorce attorney in Florida since 2011 and in the Orlando metro area since 2011. He graduated with honors from the University of Florida in 1997 and started practicing law in January of 1999.

Attorney Mejias has represented clients in these situations:

  • more than fifty divorce cases settled in court and in hundreds of divorce cases settled by a mediator,
  • numerous cases that arise after a divorce involving either modifications or demands for enforcement actions on matters of alimony, child support payments, child custody and property distribution,
  • cases not related to divorce that arise from disputes among related individuals, such as the establishment of paternity and the rights and responsibilities that go with it, petitions for domestic violence injunctions and accusations of child abuse, abandonment or neglect by the Florida Department of Children and Families, and
  • legal actions needed by our clients that, in most cases, do not involve any disputes, but do require assistance from an experience family law attorney to execute them correctly, such as legal name changes, adoptions by relatives and family members and the drafting of enforceable pre and post-nuptial agreements
  • appeals of all of these cases.
Please read the page of the Practice Areas that applies to your case.  It will help you prepare for an initial consultation with any family lawyer.

Commitments to Clients

But a good family law attorney has to have another quality besides experience with the law, its court interpretations and courtroom procedures. A family lawyer also has to communicate regularly and effectively with clients to: (a) understand their family situations and how they hope to resolve them, and (b) keep them informed about the legal actions to take and latest developments in their cases.

In order to make sure that his clients have access to him and to the information on their cases, he has made a commitment to return all phone calls and emails during working hours within 24 hours. Please read the Family Law page to read about all of the commitments that our firm makes to its clients. 

Initial Consultation

If you live in Longwood, you are in a family situation covered by one of our practice areas and need a competent and experienced family and divorce attorney, please call AAA Family Law at (407) 260-6001 and make an appointment for an initial consultation. See Family Lawyer Retainer Fees.

At this consultation you will meet with attorney Mejias who will: (a) ask you to explain your case, (b) explain his plan of legal actions to take based on a realistic assessment of which of your objectives are achievable and (b) state the amount of the lawyer retainer fees that he will charge.

The fee will almost always be a fixed amount that you will know before deciding to sign a contract or to make a payment. And in many cases the payments can be spread between the signing date and the next month or two. Click on Family Lawyer Retainer Fees for more information.