Lockhart FL, Family Lawyer Only Since 2011

AAA Family Law

No place in Lockart is farther than 18 miles from the office of AAA Family Law.  It is located in Altamonte Springs, in a modern office park of single-story buildings with ample parking space, just West of the Altamonte Mall, across from Cranes Roost Lake. Please click on Contact Us for address, map and directions.

This is a law firm exclusively dedicated to family law, most of which is related to (a) the divorce process and (b) the resolution of conflicts after a divorce over issues like enforcement or modification of court decrees regarding alimony and the custody and support of the children. (c) other disputes resolved by family law courts regarding about paternity, domestic violence and accusations of child abuse or neglect by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) and (d) appeals of any of these cases.  To learn about the specific area that applies to your case click on Practice Areas.

AAA Family Law was founded by attorney Eduardo J. Mejias.  Mr. Mejias is a graduate, with honors, of the University of Florida School of Law who became a practicing Florida litigation lawyer in January of 1999. In 2011 he started practicing almost exclusively family law and in 2013 he founded AAA Family Law.  He has been practicing family law in the Orlando metro area since 2011.  Previously he practiced in Jacksonville, and Ft. Myers, Florida.

The level of experience of attorney Mejias as a family lawyer makes it possible for him to assure his clients of the best possible protection of their right. This is because only at this level can a lawyer understand this complex area of the law in a way that makes it possible to find all of the legal remedies available to his clients. It also assures you that the strategies he proposes to follow to protect your rights and achieve your goals are realistic and achievable.

If you need representation in a family law case, please call AAA Family Law to schedule an initial consultation with attorney Mejias.  At this consultation he will: (1) listen carefully to your description of your situation and ask you some question, such as what are the goals you would like to achieve, (2) explain his broad and realistic legal strategy designed to achieve those goals and (3) quote you the amount of his lawyer retainer fees.  The lawyer fees are almost always flat (or fixed) and you will be informed of the amount before you sign any contract or make any payment. You will also get a copy of your retainer agreement contract (sent to you by email if you choose).  See Family Lawyer Retainer Fees.

We recommend that you read the practice area pages and blogs of this website that apply to your case.  This will help you understand what to expect and to prepare questions for any lawyer with whom you have an initial consultation. 


A Good Suburban Community Where to Live and Work

Lockart is an unincorporated area of northwester Orange County which is also a census-designated place.  It has the cities of Altamonte Springs to its north, Orlando to its south, Maitland to its east and the census-designated place Clarcona to its west.  It has a nearly square shape of 4.6 square miles bounded by highway 414 to its north, 434 to its east, Clarcona-Ocoee Road to its south and Overland Road to its west.

As of the 2010 census the population of Lockhart was 13,060 with median age of 36.2 years compared to Florida's 40.3.  As of 2012, the per capita income of its people was estimated at $22,783 and the median value of their residences was $112,286 compared to $148,200 for all of Florida.

A “drive” on Google Street View through Lockhart reveals a typical central Florida suburban community where the great majority of the homes are singe-family and a few are two and three story condominiums or apartments.  There are also thirty lakes with some green areas around them.

On the western side of Lockhart there is a substantial industrial-commercial area.  The northwestern half of this area is located on the east side of highway 441 and the southeastern part on the east of this same road.  This is a major source of employment for industrial and warehouse workers and management. And since Lockart is part of the continuous Orlando Metro urban area, the residents of Lockart can find jobs in many other cities and unincorporated areas, such as in the office complex in Maitland or in one of the theme parks that the Orlando metro area is famous for.