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Residents of this city live between five and ten miles from our office at 283 Cranes Roost Blvd., Suite 111 in Altamonte Springs. This is across the street from Crane Roost Lake, near the Altamonte Mall.

The founder and managing attorney of our law firm is Eduardo J. Mejias. Mr. Mejias graduated with the degree of Juris Doctor, with honors, from the University of Florida. He first practiced general civil law in 1999 and since 2011 has concentrated in family and divorce law.  AAA Family Law represents clients in the courtrooms of Orange, Seminole, Volusia, Oceola and Lake counties.

Attorney Mejias has represented clients in hundreds of divorce cases resolved by mediation and over fifty resolved by trial. His experience provides his clients the quality of representation that allows him to find those aspects of the law that can best protect the rights of his clients. This includes many insights that may not may no be noticed by attorneys with less experience.

Attorney Mejias is also very experienced at representing clients in cases that sometimes arise after the divorce as results of conflicts between the ex-spouses.  These usually deal with: (a) spousal support (alimony)  and (b) child support and custody and (c) requests for modification of the original court decree that set the terms of the divorce.

Actually, in Florida, child custody and support are brought together into one concept called “time sharing”.  In time sharing the child support payments go from the parent that spends the minority of the time with the children to the one that spends the majority of the time, in proportion to the percent of the time spent by the parent receiving the payment, adjusted for other considerations, such as the parent's relative income. Please see the Practice Areas page Child Custody and Support for more details.

Another group of cases covered by Mr. Mejias are those that involve personal conflicts or disputes among individuals that have some relationship with each other and often live in the same household, but not necessarily married. These are cases of:  (a) accusations of domestic violence, (b) disputes over a man's paternity, or once paternity is established, his rights and responsibilities in relation to his son or daughter (such a child custody and support) and (c) situations of potential child abuse or neglect reported to the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Attorney Mejias is also experienced in helpings clients with other legal services that do not always involve the resolution of disputes.  These are: (a) the drafting of legally enforceable prenuptial or postnuptial agreements (which actually help prevent future disputes over marital responsibilities), (b) the adoption of children by family members, and (c) the legal processing of name changes. 

At an initial consultation, attorney Mejias will listen to your explanation of the family law situation that concerns you, define how they can be resolved and inform you of his lawyer's retainer fee.

The fee is almost always fixed, not an hourly rate. You will know its total amount before signing a contract or making any payment. For those who cannot make the entire payment upfront there are payment plans of up to three months. See Family Lawyer Retainer Fees.

Attorney Mejias has also made a commitment to answer all emails and phone calls during business hours within twenty-four hours. He does this because he realizes how important it is to his clients to be kept informed of the progress of their cases. 

If you need quality representation in a divorce or other family law case from an experienced family lawyer, please call Eduardo J. Mejias and schedule an initial consultation at (407) 260-6001 or send him an email at

We encourage you to read the Practice Areas page that applies to your case. This will help you prepare the questions you should ask of any lawyer with whom you set an appointment for an initial consultation. 

Lake Mary

The City of Lakes


This city got its name from Mary Sundell, wife of Reverend J.F. Sundell. The Sundells settled north of the lake of the same name and started a Presbyterian congregation in 1894. The lake is about one mile long east-to-west and it ranges from about 500 to 1,000 feet from north-to-south. It is located just south of West Lake Mary Blvd and east of South Country Club Road.

In the 1880's to 1890's the area covered today by the city only had two small villages called Belle Fontaine and Brent's Station. They were near the railroad tracks that went between Orlando and Sanford and had a stop near the villages. In 1897 the first post office was opened in this area.

Like so many other communities in Central Florida at that time, the main industry in this area was growing and selling citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits. But there was also a processing plant that used cassava to produce farina, tapioca and starches. This plant gained in importance after the freezes of 1894 and 1895 that destroyed the citrus crops and lead to the citrus industry to move south. In addition, the area had a hotel, a casino and a bath house for the tourists.

A prominent and influential settler of this area was Frank Evans, who came here as a child in 1882. He became a chemist and founded a company that manufactured dyed textiles. He also promoted the city, built its first elementary school and many homes and commercial buildings, founded its Chamber of Commerce and, in 1923, became a Seminole County Commissioner..

Lake Mary Today

This is a city that was not incorporated until 1973. To its northeast is the city of Sanford, which is the county seat of Seminole county. The rest of its surroundings are unincorporated areas of the county. Nearby to the south are Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Casselberry and Winter Springs.

On its city government website, this city calls itself “The City of Lakes”. It contains about 75 lakes in an area of a total of 9.7 square miles. The lakes occupy 1.1 square miles of the total area and vary considerably in size. However, most of the Orlando metro area has just as much density of lakes per square mile.

The population of this city as of the 2010 census was 13,822. Just like many other cities in the Orlando Metro area it has a very modern suburban feel to it and has to central downtown area. The main commercial and shopping areas of the city is the Lake Mary Center on Lake Mary Boulevard, next to Lake Emma Road.

The city is governed by a mayor, a deputy mayor and three elected commissioners who choose a city manager. Its city government website boasts that this city has the lowest municipal tax rates in the United States.