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Kissimmee is about 32 miles south of AAA Family Law in Altamonte Springs, going through highways I-4 and 417.  Our law firm has clients in Kissimmee that drive from Oceola, through Orange and into Seminole county, to get quality legal representation when they have a family law case. You can find our law office it at 283 Cranes Roost Blvd., Suite 111, Altamonte Springs, Florida 32701. This is north of the Altamonte Mall, accessible through East Central Parkway.

AAA Family Law was founded by family attorney Eduardo J. Mejias. Mr. Mejias has practiced law since 1999 and has been helping clients with divorce and post divorce issues like modification of divorce settlements, child support, child custody and alimony (or spousal support) exclusively since 2011. Since that date he has represented clients in hundreds of these cases settled by mediation and over fifty that were resolved by trial, three of those through the appeal process.

In addition he has extensive experience in court cases of disputes over paternity and domestic violence and with helping families members adopt a child and couples enter into prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

This level of experience provides his clients the best possible quality of representation. It allows him to find aspects of the laws and precedents set by court decisions that can help his clients achieve their objectives which may not be noticed by the less experienced.

Attorney Mejias offers his potential clients a n initial consultation where he will listen to your family law issues, define a clear set of legal objectives for you and inform you of his retainer fee. In almost every case it will be a flat fee, not an hourly rate whose total amount you will not know until the case is over. 

Mr. Mejias understands that his divorce clients are going through a difficult time in their lives. This makes it very important for them to be informed on the progress of their cases. This is why he has made a commitment to answer all emails and phone calls during business hours within twenty-four hours.

You can start becoming informed about the legal issues you may have by reading the applicable Practice Area page shown on the left of this page. This will help you decide what you should do and prepare you for an initial consultation with any family lawyer.

If you need to be represented by an attorney in a divorce or family law case, please call Eduardo J. Mejias to schedule an initial consultation at (407) 260-6001 or send him an email at  See Family Lawyer Retainer Fees.

AAA Family Law represents clients in family law cases from their initial consultation through any mediation or trial, up to appeals to the Florida District Courts of Appeals. For trial court cases we can represent you in the Orlando Metro area (Orange, Seminole, Osceola and Lake counties). For appeals we cover all of Florida.

                       Kissimmee The County Seat of Oceola County


When this city was incorporate in 1883 it was given the name Kissimmee, even though the area had been previously know as Allendale.  This name evolved from an Indian name for this area that meant “long water.”

This city's early growth was based on the settlement of people that were working on a drainage project in the area.  Part of that drainage project involved creating waterways that served to transport people and goods by steamship. Most of these steamships were built in this city's shipyard at a time when this city was the frontier of populated Central Florida.  During this same time in the late 19th century the South Florida railroad was extended from Sanford south to Kissimmee, which this favored this city as a center of transportation. 

However, the expansion of the railways to Tampa and other locations diminished the importance of the steamship business.  In addition the freezes during the Winters of 1894, 1895 and 1899 devastated the citrus industry near this city, as it did throughout Central Florida.  This caused the remaining steamship business to also move south to Lake Okeechobee. And it left this city with nearby cattle ranching as its main industry.

Cattle ranching continued as an important industry until the opening of Disney World in 1971 three-to-five miles to its northwest. This proximity to Disney World created an explosion of population and suburban development.  Between the 1970 and 1980 census the population more than doubled, growing by 118%, from 7,119 to 15,487.  And it almost doubled again to 30,050 by 1990. However, some cattle ranching remains in the less-populated area of Oceola county to its south.

Kissimmee Today

Due to the large percentage of the population of this city working at Disney World, this city can be through of a suburban bedroom community of the Magic Kingdom.  And suburban it is.  Except for the government buildings, this city does not have a recognizable “down-town” area with major retail stores and high-rise office and condominium buildings, despite a population of over 63 thousand as of 2012.

A “drive” through the city on Google Street View reveals that its suburban way of life is everywhere.  Instead of a downtown near the middle of the city, it has a major suburban-style shopping center, named The Loop, at its northern border with Orange county.     

This totally suburban character appears to have resulted from so much of its growth having occurred so recently.  In 1960, well into the automobile age, this city had a population of only 6,865.  That was not enough to have created a down town district.  Soon after, the overwhelming majority of the city was rapidly created during a time when almost every household had an automobile. And since the city is so new, one also does not observe any neighborhood with old dilapidated buildings. This suburban character was also helped by the ample availability of land in the area.