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AAA Family Law

AAA Family Law is located west of Forest City, in Altamonte Springs, no more than five miles away from any place in this suburban neighborhood. Please see the Contact Us page for the address and a map.  It is a law firm totally dedicated to family law cases, such as divorce, child custody and support, domestic violence prenuptial agreements and adoptions by family members. The complete list of these can be seen under Practice Areas to the left of this page.

Our law firm was founded by family law and divorce attorney Eduardo J. Mejias on February of 2013 after practicing almost exclusively family law since 2011.

Attorney Mejias is a graduate, with honors, of the University of Florida School of Law. After graduating in 1997 and passing the Florida bar examination in 1999 he started practicing general civil law.  He practiced law at firms in Jacksonville and Ft. Myers, Florida and moved to the Orlando metro area in 2011. His almost exclusive concentration in family law since 2011 has given him an insight into this special area of law and its interpretation by judges that assures his clients will receive the best possible protection of their legal rights. Family law has many fine points and nuances which only an experience attorney can best find and apply to provide you that protection.

However, it is not enough for a lawyer to be knowledgeable of the law, its interpretations and courtroom practices. A family law and divorce attorney also has to be good at communicating with his or her clients.  One of the things attorney Mejias has learned from his experience is the importance of keeping his clients informed about how their cases are progressing.

Forest City clients that have hired divorce attorneys are going through a difficult time in their lives that naturally makes them anxious to to know what is happening in their cases and what is likely to happen next.  They have concerns, like: Am I going to be able to see my children frequent?  Will I get enough alimony to live on until I can find a job?  Will I get to keep the house?  And couples that are adopting children want to know if the adoption is likely to be approved and how long they will have to wait for it.

This is why at AAA family law we have made a commitment to answer all client phone calls and emails within twenty-four hours during business hours.  And it is also why attorney Mejias takes the time to explain to his clients what has already happened in the case, if anything, what actions he plans to take next, and what is likely or not likely to happen after that.

To make an appointment for an initial consultation with attorney Mejias please call (407) 260-6001. At the consultation attorney Mejias will first listen to your description of the family law situation you are in.  Then he will outline a realistic plan of the legal actions he will take in your behalf to achieve your objectives. See Family Lawyer Retainer Fees.

At the initial consultation he will quote you the retainer fees he will charge you for his services.  In almost every case the retainer fee will be a flat dollar amount, not an hourly rate where the total payment is not known in advance.  Therefore, before you sign any contract or make any payment you will know the total amount you will pay for the specific services provided.

In most divorce cases, there is one fee if the divorce is settled by mediation and a second additional fee if it goes to trial, payable right after the decision to go to trial is made.  The same payment method applies to all other family law cases, such as alimony or child support disputes between individuals already divorced, paternity disputes or child adoptions.  Please read the Family Lawyer Retainer Fees page for more information.

It will also be to your benefit to read the Practice Areas page of this website There you will learn about the important things to expect about your case that will help you prepare for it. And this will also help you list what types of questions you should ask of any family law attorney with whom you have an initial consultation.  You can also learn more about your case by reading the page Family Law Links under the Resources section of this website.

Forest City
Neither a Forest nor a City

Like the Holy Roman Empire, Forest City is not a forest or a city, but it is a nice middle-class unincorporated suburban area of Seminole County between Apopka to its west and Altamonte Springs to its east and south. It is also not home for any major employer.  Stores and consumer service businesses are nearly the only source of employment within this area.  Forest City only has 4.3 square miles on the northern part of the Orlando metro area and a population of about 13 thousand.  But, as part of a the surrounding continuous urban and suburban sprawl of 2.1 million people, there are office parks, commercial and industrial parks and, of course, the theme parks like Disney World that the Orlando area is famous for.

Forest City residents live mostly in single-family homes, but there is also a small proportion of town-home style housing. In 2012 the median residential home value in Forest City was $163,122 compared to$148,200 for all of Florida and its median household income was $47,997 which compares to a Florida average of $45,040.  This higher household income is also matched to a higher number of people per household of 2.6 compared to Florida's 2.5

The principal commercial street of Forest City is Highway 46, known locally as East Samoran Boulevard, which is a six-lane road.  Its principal shopping centers are concentrated around the corner of this boulevard and North Hunt Club Boulevard.