How to Find the Best Florida Family Law Appeals Lawyers

By Eduardo J. Mejias, Florida Family Law Appeals Attorney

Practicing Exclusively Family Law Since 2011

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Few Family Law Attorneys Do Appeals Work

Few clients give one moment of thought about looking for a family law appeals attorney until they are saddled with an unfavorable final judgment. This is understandable, given the amount of focus that family court case requires. Plus, it is easy to assume that your family court  lawyer will gladly handle an appeal of your final judgment.

Truth be told, family law appeals attorneys are only a low proportion of all family law attorneys. This is because appellate work requires the distinct skill of legal research and writing since (a) appeals are all about the interpretation of the law and (b) all of the work is done by exchanging written documents with the court.

As someone who has been practicing law since 1999, I can assure you that a majority of litigation attorneys shy away from intensive research and writing involved in appeals. Earlier in my career, I worked for a couple of experienced lawyers who delegated virtually all research and writing tasks to myself or even their paralegals. You do not want to hire these types of lawyer for your appeal. So these are the qualities you should look for in your appellate lawyer:

Qualities of the Best Family Law Appeals Attorneys

(1) A Family Lawyer Who Is Inclined Towards Doing Legal Research

Research and writing should never be done “on the fly”. It requires patience and diligence. Appellate cases move at a slower pace than those in family courts. And appellate work, requires more in-depth analysis and creative thinking because it is all about the interpretation of the law, not the facts of the case.

Neither of these qualities are conducive to people who are impatient or prefer courtroom action over spending hours on research and writing. For a successful appeal, hire the thoughtful and analytical type. If the Florida family law attorney that you are interviewing for your case makes many bold promises without first asking a lot of questions about you and your case, call another firm.

(2) An Attorney With The Best Tools To Do Extensive Legal Research

Ask your prospective family law appeals attorneys if they subscribe to an online legal research database. My office uses Lexis-Nexis, but Westlaw is also a good tool. Forget about those beautifully adorned legal books in the conference room. Most law firms have not relied on paper research since the early 1990’s. 

Furthermore, if an appeals family lawyer tells you that he or she “sends somebody to the library” for research purposes, or just “googles” whatever is needed to find out, say “thanks, but no thanks”. Much like a capable doctor relies on the most technologically advanced equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of ailments, the best family law appeals lawyers only works with the best research tools. 

(3) Someone With A Proven Record 

Finding a lawyer with a proven record of appeals is important. But do you know exactly how to find that proven record? Remember, just because a lawyer has practiced family law for several years does not necessarily mean he or she is the right person for your family law appeal case.

Therefore, ask prospective family law appeals lawyers how many reversals of final judgments they have obtained. Request to see published appellate opinions that list that lawyer’s name. If that lawyer cannot produce a published opinion with his or her name listed as the attorney for the prevailing appellant, continue seeking one that can.

How AAA Family Law Can Help

If you are considering appealing an unfavorable final judgment from a family trial court, I encourage you to call AAA Family Law at 407-260-6001 and schedule an initial consultation on the phone or at our Altamonte Springs office.
At the consultation I will:  (1) ask you to explain the circumstances of your family court case and what specific part of the final judgment you want to appeal, (2) give you a preliminary assessment of whether or not an appeal has a good chance of success in your case, but I may have to do some research to give you a final answer later (3) and quote you a fixed attorney retainer fee, not an hourly rate whose total is unpredictable.

The AAA Family Law retainer fees for family law appeals of final orders in Florida range between $3,600 and $6,000 depending on their level of complexity.  For non-final orders they are between $2,400 and $4,800.  See Attorney Retainer Fees for more information on the costs of appeals and family court cases.

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