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AAA Family Law

Our law firm was founded in the Orlando metro area in 2013 by attorney Eduardo J. Mejias.  He earned the degree of Juris Doctor, with honors, from the University of Florida Law School in 1999 and practiced general civil law until 2011.  On that year he started dedicating himself almost exclusively to family law.  He has been the divorce attorney to hundreds of clients whose cases went to mediation and to over fifty other clients whose cases went to trial. This level of commitment and experience in this area of the law makes it possible to defend the interests and rights of our clients to the fullest extent that the law allows.

But our attorney's experience in family law is not only related to divorces. It also includes these other services:
  • Representing clients in legal disputes that come after a divorce, such as the enforcement or modifications of decrees issued by judges, usually in connection with: (a) the amount of alimony (spousal support),  (b) child support or (c)  child custody or visitation rights.
  • Representing clients in cases of (a) establishing paternity and the rights and responsibilities that come with it, (b) domestic violence and (c) accusations of child abuse or neglect by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF).
  • Helping clients (a) draft legally enforceable prenuptial agreements, (b) adopt children that have a family relation to the adopting parent (such as grandchildren, nephews or son or daughter from a previous marriage of a spouse) and (c) assisting in processing legal name changes..     
For more information on these legal services, please read the Practice Area page of this website that applies to the situation for which you will need an experienced family law attorney. The Practice Areas pages will inform you of the most important questions you need to know about your case.  And this will help you formulate the questions you should ask of any family law or divorce attorney with whom you have an initial consultation.

A good lawyer needs to be more than just one who knows the law and its interpretation by judges from training and experience.  Attorneys have to also maintain good lines of communication with clients to properly represent them. For this reason, attorney Mejias has made the public commitment to all of our law firm clients to return all phone calls and emails during business hours within a period of no more than twenty-four hours.

If you need an experienced family law attorney to represent you in one of the cases listed above, call AAA Family Law at (407) 260-6001 and schedule an appointment for a thirty-minute initial consultation with attorney Mejias.  See Family Lawyer Retainer Fees

If you live in Fairview Shores you are no more than six miles from our office by way of highway I-4.  Please see the Contact Us page for a map and directions. Our law firm also serves all of the cities and communities in the Orlando metropolitan area, including Volusia, Lake, Seminole, Orange and Oceola counties.

When you come to the initial consultation at our law firm, attorney Mejias will be learning about your situation and informing you of what he plans to do to address it in the legal system in a way that protects your rights. Then he will inform you of the amount of his lawyer retainer fee. In almost every case this will be a fixed or flat fee, not an hourly fee.  Therefore, you will know in advance the total cost of his representation before signing a contract or making any payment.