DeBary Family Attorney, Family Lawyer Since 2011

AAA Family Law

If you live in Debary you only have to drive 15 to 20 miles by way of highway I-4 to reach our law firm. Y will find a law firm dedicated exclusively to help its our clients in cases related to family law. Its founder and managing attorney, Eduardo J. Mejias has been a family and divorce attorney since 2011.  He has been practicing law since 1999, after graduating with honors with the degree of Juris Doctor from the University of Florida School of Law.

After passing the Florida Bar examination, attorney Mejias practiced law in the area of general civil litigation until 2011. On that year he started practicing almost exclusively as a family law attorney.  After serving as associate attorney at law firms in Jacksonville and Ft. Myers, he moved to the Orlando metro area in in 2011 and founded AAA Family Law in Altamonte Springs in February of 2013. Our law firm serves the Orlando metro area, which is made up of Seminole, Orange, Lake, Oceola and Volusia counties, including, of course, the city of Debary.

As a family attorney, Mr. Mejias has extensive experience in the following types of cases:

  • More than fifty cases of divorce settled by a judge's decision, including four cases that were appealed and hundreds settled by mediation. 
  • Cases that often come after a divorce, such as those involving: (a) child support, (b) child custody and (c) alimony (or spousal support) that arise from the enforcement of family court decrees or requests for their modification.
  • He is also experienced in litigating: (a) the establishment of paternity and of the rights and responsibilities that go with it, (b) domestic violence case, which involves accusations of acts of violence between people the same family or living in the same household and (c) cases where the Florida Department of Children and Families make accusations of child neglect or abuse.
  • And he has assisted numerous clients to: (a) establish the legal adoption of a minor by related family members (such as grandparents or spouses of a re-married mother or father) or (b) draft a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement that is legally enforceable.
Having this much experience makes it possible for attorney Mejias to understand the nuances of family law and their interpretation by judges, giving his clients a very high level of protection of their legal rights.

But knowledge of law and experience is not the only quality important in a family law attorney.  A good family lawyer or divorce attorney also has to maintain good communication with clients and be accessible to them.  Mr. Mejias has also learned this from experience. And this is why our law firm has made a public commitment to return all phone calls and emails during business hours twenty-four hours.

In addition, our family law attorney does not just react to the demands of the opposing counsel.  He proactively and aggressively uses his knowledge of the law and its interpretations to design the legal strategies that will best protect the rights and interests of his clients.

Experience, accessibility and aggressive pursuit of client interests are the reason why the AAA in or firm's name stands for Accomplished, Accessible, Aggressive.

If you live in Debray and have concerns related to one of the types of cases in which family law attorney Eduardo J. Mejias is experienced, please call or law firm at (407) 260-6001 and set up an initial consultation.  There is an hourly charge for additional consultation time. See Family Lawyer Retainer Fees. Also see the Contact Us page for the address and a map.

At the consultation, Mr. Mejias will listen to your description of the situation you find yourself in, ask you a few question and show you his plan for addressing your legal issues in a way that protects your interests and rights.  Then he will state the amount of his retainer fee.  In almost every case this will be a fixed (or flat) fee for each stage of the legal process, not an hourly rate.  This will let you know in advance the entire amount that you will have to pay.  Please see the Retainer Fees page for more information.

You should also first read the Practice Area page or pages that apply to your case.  This will help you prepare for the initial consultation with Mr Mejias or with any other family lawyer.  It will be particularly helpful in preparing the types of questions you should ask of the attorney.