Daytona Beach Family Attorney, Practicing Only Family Law Since 2011

AAA Family Law 

Our law firm's office is on 283 Cranes Roost Blvd., Suite 111, Altamonte Springs, close to the Altamonte Mall. That is about 40 to 48 miles from anywhere in Daytona Beach by highway I-4. CenterPoint Circle can be entered from two places on East Central Parkway, just East of I-4.

If you have a situation requiring a family law attorney, you can make an appointment at (407) 260-6001 to meet attorney Eduardo J. Mejias at AAA Family Law to have an initial consultation regarding your case.  See Family Lawyer Retainer Fees.

Attorney Mejias graduated from the University of Florida Law School, with honors.,  After passing the Florida Bar Examination on the first try, he began his law career in January of 1999.  Starting in 2011 he concentrated his law practice almost exclusively on family law and divorce cases.

As a family law attorney, the legal practice of Mr. Mejias covers: (a) divorce and post divorce cases, such as those involving enforcement of decrees or modifications of the of the original divorce therms regarding alimony,child custody and child support, (b) paternity and domestic violence cases and (c) adoptions, prenuptial agreements and name changes.  It also covers cases involving the Florida Department of Families and Children.

His years of practice as a family law and divorce lawyer has given attorney Mejias considerable experience in all of these types of cases. He has represented clients in hundreds cases resolved by mediation and in over fifty resolved by courtroom trials.  This much experience makes it possible for him to apply the aspects of law and judicial precedents that best serve to protect your rights and achieve the most favorable results available by law.  
At the initial consultation, attorney Mejias will listen to your explanation of your case, read any related documents you bring and set forth a plan to achieve realistic legal objectives.  Then, in almost every case, he will quote you a fixed retainer fee (not an hourly rate)  before you sign a contract or make a payment.

Divorce attorney Mejias is also committed to keep his clients informed of the cases on which he is working.  He does this by promising to return all emails and phone calls from his clients within twenty-four hours during business hours.