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If you live in Casselberry you are within three to seven miles from AAA Family Law in Altamonte Springs, at 283 Cranes Roost Blvd., Suite 111. This is across Crane Roost Lake near the Altamonte Mall.

At AAA Family Law we can represent you in cases of: (a) divorce by court decision or mediation and (b) post-divorce situations, such as disputes over alimony and child custody or support that arise from actions to enforce or modify the original court decree.

We also represent clients in case of (a) disputes over paternity, (b) actions by the Department of Children and Families and (c) cases of domestic violence.

And we can help you (a) draft enforceable prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, (b) adopt a child by a family member or (c) execute a legal name change.
Please view the Practice Areas page to see as summary of all of the ways in which we can help our clients with family law issues. It is also very helpful to read the full text of the practice area related to your case. This will help you prepare for a consultation with any family lawyer.

AAA Family Law was started by attorney Eduardo J. Mejias in February of 2013.  He had previously been an associate attorney at several Florida law firms since 1999.  He obtained his degree in Juris Doctor from the University of Florida, with honors, in 1997.  Starting in 2011 his law practice has concentrated in family law and divorce.  And he has been a divorce and family law attorney in the Orlando metro area since 2011. Previously, he represented family law clients at law firms in Jacksonville and Ft. Myers.

During his career as a family law attorney Mr. Mejias has represented over fifty clients in trials and several hundred clients whose divorces were resolved by mediation. The experience he derived from these cases has given him an extraordinary understanding of Florida family law and its interpretation by the courts.  This understanding is what makes it possible for him to protect the rights of his clients in court to the full extent of the law.

His experience has also taught him that, since most clients are dealing with important personal issues, such as whether they will have enough income to live on after the divorce, how often they will be able to see their children or what part of the joint property they will be able to keep, they are anxious to know about the progress of their cases.  This is why attorney Mejias has publicly committed on this website to answer all phone calls and emails made during business hours within twenty-four hours.

If you need a family law attorney to represent you, please call Eduardo J. Mejias at (407) 260-6001 or email him at to set up an appointment for an initial consultation.  See Family Lawyer Retainer Fees.

At this consultation he will: (a) pay close attention to your description of your situation, (b) device an initial plan as a road map to get you the most favorable possible solution and (c) state the amount of his   attorney retainer fees.  In almost every case it will be a flat (or fixed) fee that you will know before deciding to sign a contract or may a payment. 


 Lots of Ferns and No Taxes


The recorded history of Casselberry began when Fort Concord was build on the shores of Lake Concord in 1849.  This is a small lake on the northwest part of the city, just south of a Home Depot store and east of highway 15.  When the Homestead Act was passed after the Civil War, settlements began to form between Lake Concord and the Triplet Lakes. The first subdivision was not started until 1889.

By 1925 a man by the name of Gordon Barnett settled in this area and later opened a fernery that became one of the world's greatest producers of ferns. He also build a housing development that included a fernery with each home which he called Fern Park Estates.  Later, Hibbard Casselberry built a nearby subdivision named Winter Park Ferneries.  During these times the area was known as, what else? Fern Park.  You can still see ferns on Fern Street in an empty lot on the corner with Normandy Road, but not on the front yards of the homes.

Hibbard Casselberry favored incorporating the area as a tax-free town. And his idea prevailed when in October of 1940 its residents voted for that concept, the town was incorporated and then given the Casselberry name. By July of 1925 Casselberry was incorporated as a city and by 1976 it residents voted to allow property taxes after all.

Casselberry Today

The population of Casselberry has grown from 21,459 in 1990 to 26,566 in 2013.  This is a growth rate per year of 0.93%, which is very close to that of the whole Unites States, but much lower than that of most other cities in the Orlando Metropolitan area.  Its per-capita income during 2009-2013 averaged $23,079 which compares to $28,675 for Seminole county and $26,236 for Florida.

The Casselberry city's government is made up of five commissioners elected by the voters of the whole city, one of which has the title of Mayor and another of Vice-Mayor.  The five commissioners hire a city manager as the administrator of the city's departments, such as public works, police, fire and finance.  Some variation of this commission and city manager system prevails in most cities in Seminole county.

The map of Casselberry has an odd north-south elongated shape with very jagged edges, looking like the outboard engine of a boat.  In fact, the city boundaries of most of Central Florida look like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle strewn on a table, partially attached to others and partially separated by pockets of unincorporated areas.  And some pieces have holes in it which are unincorporated areas surrounded by a city.

The city is primarily made up of suburban single-family homes.  Its most important shopping center is at its long and narrow south end. It is called Casselberry Commons.  It houses retailers like Publix, TJ Max, Lens Crafters, Stein Mart,  Ross and many other smaller shops.  And it is surrounded by other smaller stores and restaurants and a Walmart about 3,000 feet to the north on highway 436.