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Our law firm is located on 427 283 Cranes Roost Blvd., Suite 111, Altamonte Springs, Florida 3270.  This is about 6 to 15 miles east or southeast of Apopka, depending of what part of that city you are coming from. (Click on Contact Us for a map and directions.)  Here you will find family law attorney Eduardo J. Mejias. 

Mr. Mejias graduated from the University of Florida Law School in 1997 and, after passing his Bar examination on the first attempt, started practicing law in January of 1999.  He has been a family lawyer (or divorce attorney) almost exclusively, since 2011.  Since then he has represented clients in more than fifty trials and in hundreds of divorce cases that were settled by mediation.  You can be assured that this experience provides his clients of the best possible quality of representation.

Many of the cases where our law firm can represent you are related to what happens after a divorce, such as disputes between divorced couples over child custody and child support, the amount of alimony (or spousal support) modifications of the court's judgments in paternity and divorce cases and the enforcement of what the court's decrees.

Other cases may not be related to a divorce but nevertheless involve a domestic dispute, such as the enforcement of court injunctions related to domestic violence or abuse and those that establish the identity and responsibilities of men regarding their paternity.

And our firm can also help its clients in situations that do not usually involve disputes, such as the drafting of a prenuptial agreement and the adoption of a child by a family member. 

If you are experiencing a situation that involves any of these cases, you should first read the Practice Area Page of this website (on the left of this page) that relates to your case.  This will help you make a decision regarding what your next step should be.  And if you decide that you need the services of a family attorney, the information on these pages will help you prepare for an initial consultation with one.  The Practice Area pages are particularly useful in helping you articulate the questions you should ask of the attorney. 

You will not find a better Family Law attorney to represent you that Mr. Eduardo J. Mejias.   In an initial consultation Mr. Mejias will ask you some questions, listen to your family law issues, assess your situation and outline a plan specifying the legal steps he will take to achieve your objectives.  It will be a realistic plan based on his knowledge and experience.

He will then inform you of what his lawyer retainer fees will be.  In almost all cases it will be a “flat” or “fixed” fee, not an unpredictable hourly rate. And you will know the amount of this fee before you sign a contract for the uses of his services.  Please see Family Lawyer Retainer Fees.

Mr. Mejias also knows from experience that his clients need to be updated on the status of their cases.  That is why he has made a commitment to answer all emails and phone calls on business days within twenty-four hours.

So if you need a lawyer to represent you in a family law case, please call Mr. Mejias to schedule an initial consultation at (407) 260-6001 or send him an email at edmejias@hotmail.com.

Attorney Mejias can represent you from the initial consultation through any mediation, trial or appeals of family law cases to the Florida District Courts of Appeal.  AAA Family Law covers trial court cases in the Orlando Metro area and appeals cases originating anywhere in Florida. 


The Indoor Foliage Capital of the World 


The Acuera Indians were the earliest identifiable people known to have lived in the area currently known as Apopka.  By 1730 their identity was lost due to deaths from the old world plagues brought by the Spanish settlers.

Later, about 200 Indians from Georgia settled in this area. They and others came to be known as the Seminoles.  The name Apopka comes from their word for “potato-eating place”.  So, remember that, next time you eat a potato in this city.  In 1842, after the end of the Second Seminole War, Congress passed a law expelling the Seminoles from this area.  This was followed by settlements from Americans of European ancestry who were given 160 acres each and built a trading center where the Seminole Indian village used to be.                                                                                      

In 1882 an area of one square mile in all directions from its center was incorporated  as the city of Apopka. This area was later expanded to what  the city currently occupies, 32.6 square miles at an average elevation of 131 ft from see level.  By the early 20th century the leading industry in this city was the business of growing ferns.  This later expanded to growing many other indoor tropical plants.  This is how this city got the name “The Indoor Foliage Capital of the World” 


Soon, Apopka went from growing tropical plants to a growing population.  It grew from 26,969 to 41,542 inhabitants, or 54%, between the 2000 and 2010 census, compared to 9.7% for all of the United States and 28% for the city of Orlando.  The city's 54%  growth over ten years represents an annual growth rate of 4.42%, making it the second most populous city in Orange county after Orlando.  It is located 12 miles northwest of Orlando.