The Orlando Family Lawyer and Divorce Attorney

With Answers to Your Questions

 And Commitments to His Clients

By Orlando Family Lawyer Eduardo J. Mejias
Practicing Exclusively Family Law Since 2011

Questions To Ask Orlando Family Law Attorneys

AAA Family Law, LLC
  • Is the attorney devoted exclusively to family law or just a general practitioner with only some experience in this area?
  • How long will I have to wait before I can talk to my new family law attorney?
  • Will my attorney aggressively pursue my interests or only react to whatever the other side does?

The Answers Are In Our Motto: Accomplished, Accessible, Aggressive

  • When you hire me as your Orlando family lawyer you are getting the insights and wisdom of an accomplished lawyer who has been practicing law since 1999 and specifically family law since 2003 (exclusively since 2011).  I have represented hundreds of clients in over 200 trials, dozens of depositions, and more than 300 mediations involving divorce, alimony, domestic violence, child custody and support, paternity issues adoptions, prenuptial agreements, DCF dependency cases, enforcement of family court decrees and 12 family law appeals. My level of experience ensures that you receive the highest quality of representation.  
  • I will be accessible and personally discuss your legal situation in your initial consultation. As your Orlando family Lawyer, I will keep you informed of the progress of your case, and I will respond to all of your phone calls and emails within twenty-four hours. And you will talk to me about your legal matters, not to an assistant.
  • I will litigate your case aggressively by using every available legal tool to further your interests. My extensive knowledge of family and divorce law and my familiarity with area judges allows me to see options that less-experienced attorneys would not think of.

Looking forward to defending your rights,

Eduardo J. Mejias, Esq.

The AAA Family Law Attorney's Commitments

Whether you're going through a divorce, fighting for custody of your child, or trying to modify a final divorce judgment, you will need an experienced Orlando family lawyer who focus is on this complex practice of law.

I have represented hundreds of clients like yourself who are stressed, hurt and confused by the situation they found themselves in. I can help you take back control by making these commitments:

I will:

  • listen to your personal issues to understand how the law can be used to resolve them and answer your questions honestly and realistically,
  • offer you a clear and understandable strategy for achieving your objectives,
  • aggressively protect your interests by finding and presenting the legal text and judicial precedents that best help achieve your objectives,
  • return your calls and emails within twenty-four hours on business days to keep you informed of your case and
  • make sure that you always understand your retainer fees before you pay or sign a contract for our legal services.

What I will not do is to just tell you what you would like to hear but may not be true, confuse you with legalese, or leave you in the dark about the status of your case.

AAA Family Law Services

Our firm is dedicated to representing you in four general types of situations where you would be in need of assistance from an experienced Orlando family lawyer:

  • Divorce cases, which can be settled by mediation or family court decisions, 
  • Post-divorce cases that arise from conflicts between former spouses over (1) child custody and support, (2) spousal support (alimony), (c) the enforcement of the family court's decrees on such matters as the property distribution resulting from the divorce and the timely payments for child support and alimony and (3) modification of the family court's original decrees in divorce and paternity cases that may involve changes in alimony or child support payments and child custody arrangements.
  • Other cases of conflicts between members of the same family or household, such as:  (1) domestic violence injunctions, (2) disputes over a man's paternity and the child care rights and responsibilities of unmarried parents and (3) child dependency due to  neglect or abuse issues raised by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF).
  • We also help you accomplish other family-related legal objectives that, in most cases, do not include disputes between individuals but do require the expertise of a family law attorney.  These are: (a) adoptions by members of the extended family, (b) and the drafting of enforceable prenuptial agreements.
  • And in all of these cases we can handle any appeal to the Florida's District Courts from anywhere family court in Florida. See more information on Family Law Appeals in Florida.
Contact Us For an Initial Consultation

If you live in the Orlando metro area (Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Volusia or Lake Counties) and have a family law issue, please, call me, Eduardo Mejias at (407) 260-6001 to schedule your initial consultation. If your family law issue involves an appeal you can call the same number if your original case was in a family court anywhere in Florida.  

At the consultation I will listen to your description of the family situation that brought you to seek assistance from a family law attorney. Then I will outline a realistic plan of legal action to protect your rights and achieve all of the objectives you seek that the law will allow. And finally I will quote you a flat family law attorney retainer fee that you will know before making any payments or signing any contract.  See Family Lawyer Retainer Fee.

We serve clients throughout the Orlando metro area in family court cases and throughout all of Florida in appeals to the District Courts of Appeal.  I look forward to meeting you at our Altamonte Springs office. Please see the Contact Us page for address, map and driving instructions.

What You Need To Know

The rest of the pages on this website inform you about Florida family laws. Please, read the Practice Areas page related to your case. This will help you prepare the questions that you need to ask of any family lawyer you contact.

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